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Water Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO was very quick to respond, I pulled into my driveway and they Ray was waiting for me. He had workers and equipment by the early afternoon. After the drying out, Brian was on top of putting everything back together. SERVPRO went above and beyond, especially when it’s hard to get workers and products. I hope never to have to use them again but if I do they will be my first phone call. Even the paperwork for the insurance was taken care of by them. For a stressful thing to happen, SERVPRO was awesome.

More than satisfied with SERVPRO!!! The whole team was easy to communicate with. Professional, friendly, well coordinated, and most of all, excellent work!!! Remodeled my basement after water damage. Everything looks great!!! Anthony and Mark (SERVPRO) awesome guys!!!

The cleanup team was very prompt and had the affected areas cleaned up and dried out efficiently. The reconstruction team did a great job communicating with our insurance provider on what was needed to restore the area and at the end of the project, the area looks good as new.

I'm glad I called and glad I used SERVPRO. Ivan and the team he brought out were professional, efficient, and took care of everything. Surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend them!

Dean Cooper is the best project manager! He arrived on site during a most devastating time. We had a serious water loss on three levels of our home. He took on the project from 45 mins. away. His company came highly recommended. They did not disappoint. Dean is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, and trustworthy. He followed through the whole process one step at a time assuring us that our home would be replaced to pre loss condition. He worked tirelessly to negotiate with our insurance company to make sure damage was documented and accounted for. He arrived for meetings on time, kept us abreast by phone of all concerns, and never left us hanging when we had a question. He went out of his way to make us feel like our project was important to him and we could be assured the job would be completed in a timely manner. Dean Cooper did not leave any stone unturned. He went above and beyond both day and night to make sure the project was on track and that we received everything we were entitled to. He is a wealth of information, a true asset to his company. We highly recommend Dean Cooper and SERVPRO Providence. He will not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and look no further. He’s a class act !

CJ and crew (Jeff and Richard) did an awesome job cleaning up after a basement flood. I was extremely impressed with their communication, professionalism and attention to detail from start to finish! I feel they went above and beyond the entire time. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Great job!!!

Quick timely response. We had an unfortunate leak from our dishwasher which severely damaged our wood floors. After removal of the damaged wood, SERVPRO appeared to remediate the remaining moisture. Professional and terrific staff including Frank, Ryan, and another staff person. Everyone was courteous and timely.

Our basement flooded. Most Everything was ruined. SERVPRO went above and beyond. I had no idea what to expect they were so throughout in explaining and putting my mind at ease especially during this time. I knew what to expect. They were so nice, professional, emptied the entire basement, packed up things with care placed them neatly in a pod, took all damaged items out and dumped them cut out walls brought in machines to take out the dampness. They did it all. I had no worries. Absolutely amazing work. I would highly recommend SERVPRO over any other.

The team at SERVPRO did a great job. They worked on a water damaged basement problem for me. They were very professional, did the job right and all construction in the house was meticulously cleaned up everyday!

I would like to inform the general public of a fantastic company - SERVPRO. I recently had a water damage issue at my home. Damage to my sun room on 11/30/20. I called my insurance company- MetLife and they highly recommended SERVPRO. I could not be happier with the results of this professional company. The first person to appear at my home was CJ Gagnon, the project manager, who immediately took over and put me at ease. The second person was Anthony Olaes, reconstruction operations manager, who set up all of the SERVPRO teams. Anthony temporarily took care of my water problem from my roof while they assessed the damage. The first team was the demolition team, the second team - headed up by Mark Altieri, contractor, who oversaw the phrases of the new roof, the plastering team, and the finish team. I also employed SERVPRO to install new flooring in my sun room, kitchen and two bedrooms upstairs. Mark always checked periodically with me to make sure I was satisfied with the work being performed. Anthony was completely involved with the entire project and made sure everything was a smooth transition. All teams were extremely punctual throughout the entire project. The key people always kept me informed. SERVPRO stands behinds their work from start to finish. I can attest to this because this is what I experienced. I will definitely call the #1 company SERVPRO for any future projects as well as recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable people and a great company.

I called SERVPRO Providence to deal with the after effects of a leaky toilet... turned out it'd been leaking for a LONG time and there was a lot of damage; SERVPRO had to dry everything out, remove/replace carpet, clean a basement floor, and rebuild the floor in my bathroom. Every person SERVPRO sent into my home was great! They were competent, efficient, tried as much as possible not to disturb me (yes, I was working from home), and the repairs look wonderful. They were a pleasure to work with and Anthony Olaes was a good manager of all the things that needed to be done.

SERVPRO came to my home and did an amazing job taking care of the water damage in my basement caused by my water heater. Tony and Jose were very helpful and knowledgeable of the work that needed to be done. They took care of the problem in no time.

My experience with SERVPRO this week was top notch! CJ helped explain the process and what would need to be done and gave me a feeling of confidence which made the water leak disaster so much easier to deal with. The workers showed up on time and were 100% professional. They did an amazing job removing my kitchen ceiling with zero mess! They cleaned up every spec of dust. I didn't have to empty cupboards or anything because they taped it all safely. They were quick and knowledgeable and explained all that they would do and the reasons why. I can not say enough about Andre and his team and their workmanship. I would absolutely recommend SERVPRO to any and all! Thanks so much!

SERVPRO made an unfortunate experience with water damage a complete cleanup like it never happened. When I didn’t know where to begin the workers had the expertise to get the job done quick the right way. Thanks

I don't know what else you people could do that could enhance the quality of your work and performance. I would especially like to thank Brian for helping my wife and I through this ordeal.

You guys rock!

I don't know what else you people could do, that could enhance the quality of your work and performance.  I would especially like to thank Brian Joseph for helping my wife and I through this ordnance.  We give SERVPRO 10 out of 10!

I give this team at SERVPRO 10 out of 10.  You guys ROCK!

The crew responded well to our request.  Very Pleased with the services from SERVPRO. 

Don't let any of your service personnel leave your company or retire!

The staff was very professional and neat. Production staff did an excellent job cleaning and removing all damaged materials. I would recommend SERVPRO of Providence again if more services are needed. Thank you!